The Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardware +20 for
under $90 as of 4/3/2013

Of all your new Scout’s backpacking equipment, the sleeping bag will be one of the most important investments. Do your research and shop around online for deals. I suggest the following minimum criteria when looking:

  • Synthetic
  • +20°
  • 3 lbs max total weigh (Not fill weight)

I have found the 20° to be the best all-season rating for Troop 4 base camp outings. I personally own a +20° synthetic bag for base camping.

My preference for backpacking, however, is a goose down 800-fill bag due to its ability to compact down to nearly the size of a Nalgene bottle and it’s weight of 19oz. Down bags come with a higher price tag but they ultimately cost less due to the fact they wear much longer than synthetic.