Why Use a Go Box?

In an effort to help Scouts and adult backpackers better prepare, I explain the importance of a Go Box.

A Case for the Go Box

Even with the aid of a checklist, I found myself still having to rummage through the house, attic, basement and garage for my equipment. That takes time and a lot of mental effort. So to remedy the problem, our family each has a personal, Continue reading

Avoid The Crowd — Go Stealth


One of my “stealth camps”

Fortunately, I live 5 minutes from mountain trails that lead hikers from desert-like chaparral to cool, riparian canyons, streams, rich wildlife and… lots of people. Hey, it’s LA after all

The farther I hike into the hills, the thinner the crowds. Most of the local backpacking camps are about 3 miles in from the trailhead. By Friday night, most camps are full; on Saturdays, finding an actual campsite (picnic table, fire ring and tidy, tent-size dirt lot), is nearly impossible, especially during warmer months.

One way I beat the crowds, tent cities

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